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GeoCities Mail Script Form Example #2 - Sample Comments Form

Here is a sample form that you may freely use on your GeoCities home page. This is intended to show you one example of how you can develop a form to include on your home page. To change the questions or answers, simply change the text associated with the question. If you have general questions about forms, please visit the NCSA site for a detailed tutorial.
These are the items that can be changed to customize your survey:
  1. The questions and answers.
  2. The type of input received (radio buttons, checkboxes, textareas, ...)
  3. The "subject" of the form passed as a "hidden" value (see the source code for further explanation).
  4. The page displayed to the user after the "submit" button is pressed. (Again, see the source code.)

To copy the source code for this page to your hard drive, choose "save" or "save as" from the "File" menu, and choose a location and name for the file. You can then use any editor (such as Notepad or Microsoft Word) to view the contents, and then simply "copy" and "paste" the appropriate portions of the file into your HTML document. Make the appropriate changes to the questions and your form is all set to go.

Please give me your opinion!

Please tell me your name: (Do not hit return)

1) Please provide your comments about my page

2) What Neighborhood do you think I should live in, based on my page content?

This basic example of a form will send the member an E-mail with the following format:

(NAME)  GeoCities User
You have a great page.  
Can you add more graphics?  I would like to see a map 
of your home town, also.
(Proper_Neighborhood)  Heartland
(subject)  Home Page Comments
(next-url)  /homestead/next_page2.html

where the values change according to what the users choose as their answers.

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