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This page is dedicated to anyone who has had a loss of a pregnancy or child.

One of the most difficult things to have happen to us or to have to deal with is the fact that a child we have conceived, carried in our body and wanted so deeply is gone and nothing can bring them back.

It is our hope that information on this page will help someone learn more about a loss and why/how it can happen and give resources for help if needed.  If you have additional information you would like to share please feel free to email it to

We do ask that you be patient with us and the amount of information supplied, this is a new area we are adding to our site and would like the information we supply to be as complete as possible.


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While at times there is no complete explanation of why it happens there are times that you can know what the problem is so that in the future you can try to prevent it or at least know what to watch for.  Most cases of miscarriage have no explanation whatsoever.  The chances of a miscarriage happening drops after your 12th week (LMP).

Common Causes:
Ectopic Pregnancy  also known as Tubal Pregnancy:  nothing can be done to prevent this from happening.  What can be done is tests to be sure that there isn't an underlying cause (tubal scarring, endometriosis, etc) that can be contributing to the cause.

Blighted Ovum:

Insufficient Progesterone:

Support Information:


Stillbirth, similar to miscarrige, can have many reasons for happening.  However, unlike miscarriages, you can usually have a reason and understanding of why this happens.  A pregnancy loss is not considered a stillbirth usually until you have reached 20-24 weeks gestation.

Support Information:

Infant Death

There are so many different reasons and causes for Infant Death we apologize but it's impossible to list them all.

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